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Stevin John is an innovative brand-building entrepreneur in the new media space. Most notability known for his creation of Blippi, a children’s brand grown to billions of views and millions of loyal fans worldwide. Stevin is an expert in brand building, video production, marketing, and on camera magnetism.​

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Blippi was created in 2014 when Stevin saw a lack of quality kids content on new media platforms such as YouTube. Combining his skill set with his foresight of the cord cutting movement, Stevin John conceptualized a modern, fun, and curious character that both parents and children connected with. From the beginning, Blippi was strategized into being a branded toyetic evergreen children’s property. Stevin’s on camera ability to connect with the viewer has been proven through billions of views across the globe. The success of Blippi has led to merchandise online and in big box retailers worldwide, a touring live show, spinoff characters and shows, and many lucrative licensing deals!

Combining his expertise and experience, Stevin John is uniquely set up to continue to innovate and trailblaze in the entertainment industry.

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